Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Wishes 2009 – Fantastic Free Gift . Music Video

Christmas Wishes 2009 – Fantastic Free Gift . Music Video


Christmas Wishes and New Year Greetings to Your Friends

How time flies! Christmas 2009 is around the corner and New Year, too! I would like to share with you a fantastic free gift for your family, relatives and friends. It is a sweet music video and it is free. You may send the gift to anyone on the Internet easily when Christmas comes.

Greetings Page: (Ready made wishes to be sent by MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype or emails to your friends)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sample Web Video Published by Socusoft Web Video Player

SocuSoft Web Video Player -- Publish Your Video with Player to Your Website and Blog Easily


Monday, August 10, 2009

Explore Free Functions of Socusoft Web Video Player

Explore Free Functions of Socusoft Web Video Player

>> Free YouTube/Google video wizard download – It allows users to download YouTube/Google videos easily and conveniently

>> Integrated free video player – It accepts various video formats such as MOV, WMV, FLV, MPEG-4, MPG, RM, RMVB, AVI, VOB, ASF, DV, 3GP, M1V and M2V
Socusoft Web Video Player is an excellent tool which is integrated with powerful functions such as web video creation, video conversion (including video merging, video trimming, video playing), YouTube/Google video download and audio extraction. It provides fantastic solutions for making web videos.

Let’s start our journey to explore free functions of Socusoft Web Video Player and find out the details.
Download and install [url=http://www.web-video-player.com]Socusoft Web Video Player[/url]. Done! Launch it and let’s move to the next step. Click "Convert" on the upper right side to open the integrated converter.

>> Free YouTube/Google video wizard download
Now, you will see its friendly user interface. Click "YouTube" on the upper right side and a pop-up window "Import Video from Internet" will appear. This is well prepared for users to download YouTube/Google video conveniently.

Now, let’s go to fetch YouTube/Google videos. I want to get the video music "Right Here Waiting", so I go to the search box on YouTube.com and got it.

Got the search result, open the link and copy the URL of the video page from the web browser.
Go back to the pop-up window "Import Video from Internet", click the "folder icon" button and paste the URL to it. It allows you to add more URLs, delete URLs and move URL items up or down. Repeat the procedure to add more. Click "X" to delete the selected one. The arrow buttons are for moving items up and down. When ready, click "OK" at the bottom right of the pop-up window.

After that, double click the bar to download the video from YouTube.

When completed, you will have different choices to deal with videos such convert them into different formats, merge them, trim them, extract audio, or even play them directly.
If you want to convert them into other formats or just extract audio. Follow me again to find out more. Choose one video and go to "Profile" and choose output format on the drop-down menu.

You can now click "Encode" button to start video conversion or audio extraction. When completed, click "Folder" to get the music. Done!
>> Integrated free video player
The integrated converter is also a completely free media player which accepts various video formats such as MOV, WMV, FLV, MPEG-4, MPG, RM, RMVB, AVI, VOB, ASF, DV, 3GP, M1V and M2V.
Click the button "Add Video" to launch your movie. In "stop" mode, double click the video display area to enlarge display size. Click "Maximize" button to get full screen. Double click display area again to go back the normal size.
More functions of Socusoft Web Video Player: http://www.web-video-player.com/webvideoplayer.php

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Best Way to Make an Online MSN Player

Have you thought about how to make an online player with "MSN video" style? Here is the easiest way to make exactly the same MSN videos (Note: Not the same video content but the same video user interface). I would like to share with you guys how I make it.

As you know, videos vary from one site to another, but the embedded player can be the same or similar. Perhaps you are excellent enough to program the codes of the embedded player, but I didn't. The one I have used here, Socusoft Web Video Player is the best choice as it can generate exactly the same user interface of MSN videos.

Screenshot of the homepage of MSN video with the embedded player on the top right corner.

Now, let me show you how I make the online player with "MSN video" style. First of all, download Socusoft Web Video Player from its official site: www.web-video-player.com and install it.

1. Launch the program. You will see the default step "Video". Click "Add" button on the upper right side to add videos. If your video file is not FLV format. You need to convert it to FLV format before adding. You may click "Convert" button to launch the embedded converter for video conversion. From my testing, its embedded converter makes quick and easy work of nearly any video file thrown at it.

2. Go to the second step: "Themes". Click the drop down menu on the right side and choose "Bottom List", which is exactly the same style of MSN video user interface. You may now click "Preview" at the bottom to preview your web player. You may also directly go to the third step: "Publish" > and click "Publish Now" to publish videos.

When completed, click "View Web Page" to enjoy MSN style video player. You can also upload the video files to your website. Now you can do it yourself.

More players with cool features:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flash Player and Web Video Player

Both flash player and web video player are now playing an important role on the Internet. As some people still feel vague about these two dinguses, I would like to talk a little bit more about them.

Flash Player is a cross-platform browser plug-in to be installed to your web browser to display flashes, or an application for playing flashes either on the web or your computer.

Web Video Player is a web embedded player for playing videos on the web, or an application for creating web videos with an embedded player which allows users to put videos to the web more easily.

One of the most famous and popular flash players is Adobe Flash Player. Below are key features of the latest version of Adobe Flash Player Version 10.

Top new features

-- 3D effects
-- Custom filters and effects
-- Advanced text support
-- Dynamic sound generation
-- Vector data type
-- Dynamic Streaming
-- Speex audio codec
-- Color correction
-- Drawing API - Enhanced
-- File upload and download APIs - Enhanced

As said on its official site that users may experience the unprecedented creative control with new expressive features and visual performance improvements in Adobe Flash Player 10.

One of the popular web video player tools is Socusoft Web Video Player. The principle of this application is to integrate your video with a player together with relevant output codes to be embedded into HTML of your webpage. The streaming videos on your site can be played directly and instantly due to an embedded player.

Key features summary:

-- GUI is easy to navigate
-- No time or other key limits
-- Support most video formats
-- Single/batch video input and conversion
-- Quick editing of video file properties
-- Cool themes for web videos
-- Rich parameter settings for web videos
-- Show/Hide of video play list and playback feature
-- Extremely easy to publish web videos and embedded player
-- Convenient to get ready-made files for Dreamweaver or FrontPage

Flash Player and Web Video Player have become necessary parts among multimedia, web design and Internet tools. They both will bring a lot more benefits to people.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to Make Web Videos like Video News on Yahoo, MSN and YouTube?

Complete Guide – Step by Step

Video news has now become a necessary part on news websites due to its visual representation of information to people. Below are two screenshots of video news from MSN and Yahoo. From the screenshots, we may find that they contain two main parts: video and player. We may also find that the interface is simple but less functional. It is easy to navigate.

Now, what we will discuss right here is: How to easily make video news like these or even better and more functional ones?

MSN video news

Yahoo video news

First Step: Download and Install Socusoft Web Video Player

I will show you an easy way to make such videos step by step. Before we go any further, we need to download a professional tool -- Socusoft Web Video Player from http://www.web-video-player.com/

When installation is completed, launch Socusoft Web Video Player.

Second Step: Check Video Format -- Convert Video into FLV

Like other software, the input video files only accept FLV format so as to enable output video player to playback clips. If your video clips are different formats, you need to convert them to FLV format first. There is a simple tutorial on its website of converting video files of different formats such as MOV, WMV, FLV, MPEG-4, MPG, RM, RMVB, AVI, VOB, ASF, DV, 3GP, M1V and M2V into FLV format. Here is the link: http://www.web-video-player.com/videoconverter.php

If you don’t need a tutorial, you may do it yourself. Click "Convert" to launch integrated converter and convert your video into FLV format.

Third Step: Add Videos to Player

Go to "(1) Video" and click the button "Add" to add flash video (flv) files.

Fourth Step: Choose Themes for Player

Go to "Themes" and choose the template of web player for your video clips. There are lots of cool templates. Get one as you like or that matches the style of your website or blog. The program allows you to customize web player in advanced mode. Click to button "Customize Parameters" at the bottom right corner to find out more.

Fifth Step: Advertising Function (For registered users) -- Add advertisement and link to video and player

Some people may want to add advertisements and links to video and player, which is considered as another strategy in product advertising and website promotion. Well, Socusoft Web Video Player has such advertising function with advanced templates but only for registered users. That is, you need to buy the program and then use the license name and code to register it so as to enjoy full function.

1) Prepare advertisement image

The format of the ad image can be jpeg, gif, jpg, png and swf. If you want to add an advertisement image with no target link on it, the format of the image can be jpeg, gif, jpg and png. If you want to add a target link to a web page for the advertisement image, the format must be swf. You may use Flash Slideshow Maker, Macromedia Flash, SnagIt or other tools to add URL easily to the image and save it as swf format.

2) Choose advertising templates

Go to "Themes" and choose the template of web player for your video clips such as the template "Advertisement".

3) Add image to player

Now go to the advanced mode. Click button "Customize Parameters" at the bottom right corner. Then, Click the blank field of Advertisement and get the advertising image.


4) Add link to video

If you need to add target links to videos, go back to "(1) Video" and choose videos that you need to add target URL to. Then, click the button "Edit". There will be a pop-up dialogue. Go to "Target URL" and input the link such as company website. Please remember to add "http://" first.

Sixth Step: Publish Video and Player

When finished the above steps, go to the sixth step "Publish". Click the button "Publish Now" to integrate your video with player. Your video has right now been embedded a cool player. You may click "View Web Page" to preview your web video.

Last Step: Upload Files – Publish web video to your website or blog

1) Publish video to your website

Click "Open Output Folder" and use upload tools such as CuteFTP to upload all of the files in the folder of "output" to your web space. You may create a new folder on your web space first such as "video" for the output files. If the created folder is in the root directory, the URL of your web video should be:

http://www.*****.com/video/***(name of the published html file).html

2) Add web video to your blog or forum and more

You may also add your published web videos to your blog or forum and more. Here is an example of adding videos to google blog.
Click "Open Output Folder". Then, open the html file with FrontPage, Dreamweaver or Notepad. The html file is the same with the one uploaded.

Right here, I use Notepad to open the above-mentioned html file and switch to the code mode and change the paths like the following screenshot. Please note that you need to input your website URL instead of " *****.com" as shown below.

After that, copy the code between "object" as above. Go to your google blog and paste the code as shown below. After that, publish the post. You may now view your web video on google blog.

Some blogs may not support HTML well. If so, you may also use the following code, which is simple. That is, "iframe" plus "the path".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

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