Monday, August 23, 2010

Simple steps to add a logo/ watermark with an embedded link to your video or multiple clips

Lots of people like to add their logo or watermark and their URL to video files. Right here, I will show you simple steps to add a professional looking logo or watermark and embed a target link to your logo using a powerful program called SocuSoft Web Video Player. Different from other tools, this Web Video Player actually allows you to add the logo to the player but not to the videos. However, when you play your video, the logo will display on it. Because of this useful feature, you may also add your logo once but for multiple video clips and it saves your time. Below is the preview of the logo which looks like on the video.

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Step 1
Prepare your logo or watermark with a suitable size to match the ratio of player. The image size I created is: 127x35 pixels

Step 2
Download and install SocuSoft Web Video Player. Then load the program and add video at "Video" tab. After that, switch to "Themes" tab and choose "Featured List Series". You may pick one from them. When completed, click the button "Customize Properties" at the bottom right corner. You will enter the default parameter setting panel. Find the Watermark > Image/Flash item and click on the right blank to add your logo or watermark as shown below. Below this item is "Target link" for your logo. If you want to embed a link to logo, you may copy your link and paste it into this field. Done! You may now click "preview" to view the effect. (Note: I picked a white default template and modified the "Hue" item parameter to "2.29" and the color of the player turned out to be the one as shown above.)

Step 3
Switch to "Publish" tab and publish web video player files. When finished, upload the files to your website.

Tips: you may refer to relevant help guides at:

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